The Disease Called Jaw Bone Infection

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Published: 20th June 2011
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There are a lot of dental diseases that we may encounter if we neglect to have a good oral hygiene. One of these horrible diseases is the jaw bone infection. This disease is normally caused by the bacteria called ‘staphylococcus aureus’ that usually attack when a person have a periodontal disease, injury to the jaw bone or even undergone a dental procedure such as tooth extraction, root canal or wisdom tooth removal where the bone is exposed.

On the other hand, periodontal disease is a kind of disease in the tooth and the gums that sometimes leads to infection especially if not treated well or left untreated. The bacteria will enter and can cause bone pain, feeling of discomfort, fever, swelling, nausea and redness. Hence, these infections can also spread and may cause sinusitis and osteomyelitis.

However, one can actually avoid this situation if he or she would know how to maintain proper oral hygiene such as regular brushing of teeth especially after every meal. Using of dental floss and mouth wash would also contribute a lot in preventing this disease. Another thing is to use a toothpaste brand that has fluoride content to help make your bone stronger and tougher from any kind of bacteria.

Hence, if the person feels that he or she have this disease, he or she should not take any medications and treatments until a visit with the dentist from sedation dentistry phoenix clinic has been made because some medications will only put them to a higher risk. According to some dental associations, there are some instances that a patient has developed osteonecrosis on the jaw due to the applied treatments that are actually not for treating jaw and bone problems.

Nevertheless, to be sure, an individual should go and visit sedation dentistry scottsdale clinics in order to get diagnosed by their dentists. Basically, the dentist will suspect that a person has a jaw bone infection according to the symptoms it may exhibit. A dentist probably uses x-ray, CT scan or MRI to check and detect any signs of jaw infection. Some would also do a biopsy to confirm the presence of the bacteria.

Most dentists from sedation dentistry phoenix clinics use antibiotics to cure the jaw bone infection and this antibiotic should be given at least 6 weeks for a better result. However, if antibiotic does not work, most dentists would recommend the need to remove the part of the jaw bone that is infected by grafting another bone from the body and placing it on the jaw bone to serve as a bone replacement.

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